March 24, 2023

As the upcoming elections for the House of Representatives and the State Assembly members are approaching, the parties have come to the villages to woo the voters with election manifestos.
In Jumla, the candidates of the three-party alliance have started asking for votes by showing manifestos with plans for the promotion of education, health, drinking water, roads, communication, irrigation and tourism.

The agenda of free health, education and drinking water is not new. No matter who the candidate is in the various elections since 2064, the issues of education, health and communication are the common agenda. However, Jumli voters are waiting for a candidate who brings a new face and an implementation-oriented agenda of economic prosperity and job creation.

Voters complain that the candidates who come one after the other to ask for votes are telling ambitious plans that they will improve education, health and transportation, and no candidate has brought any concrete agenda.

Although party and independent candidates have mentioned in the manifesto that education, health, and roads will be developed in Sangol, there is no clear emphasis on improving the economy and ending the rising unemployment.Thousands of men left their homes and went to Kalapahad to earn from the Sinja area of ​​Jumla to meet household expenses. Likewise, the number of young people going to Gulf countries is also negligible.

Voter Balvir Sunar emphasized that the candidate who will win in the next election should put forward a solid agenda that can improve the economy of Jumla and create jobs. Businessmen are fed up with high bank interest.

Despite taking to the streets against the high interest rates, there was no hearing. Purichandra Devkota, president of Udyog Banijya Sangh Jumla, says that development is not possible without economic reform.

On the other hand, civic leader Raj Bahadur Mahat says, “Abundant opportunities are waiting for investment. An agenda for the mobilization of water, land, wildlife, and forests is necessary. Which helps to improve the economy. The main need now is to mobilize resources and create economic prosperity and employment. Candidates with such an agenda should be won by the people.”

Voters are in favor of electing a candidate who brings an agenda that can protect, increase production, process and market Jumla’s apples, beans, walnuts, and herbs. According to Sher Budha of Patarasi, after the upcoming elections, the new face will be approved, along with the new face that can improve the economy of Jumla and create jobs.

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