March 23, 2023

The wonderful event that we celebrate with wonderful excitement has actually started from Kagtihar today. Looking at this, you may think, why should this crow be worshipped? Yet no, our forefathers did not worship crows in Bittha. Researchers have actually made it clear exactly how intelligent a bird the crow is. Check out some examples inside if you do not think it.

A crow can remember your face
Most likely to the group of crows as well as take a look at one of the crows. Next time you satisfy the exact same group, look for the crow you saw earlier. No, it’s hard to identify, due to the fact that they’re all black and also the very same. However the crow you have actually seen before knows you. According to a research study done by Seattle College student on crows, crows recognize human faces.

During the study, the college researcher captured 7 crows as well as placed a tag on them. The researcher used a skin-colored mask while capturing as well as marking the crow. The 7 crows left in the team caught the masked scientist whenever they saw him. This research study not only discovered that crows recognize every human, but likewise that crows take revenge.

Throughout the research, other people (who were not involved in catching and marking the crows) putting on comparable masks were paraded in front of the crows, yet the crows did not react


Crow learns of the story.
After that why did crow dig on those researchers? Also the crows that were not captured caught the masked scientist. The reason was easy, the captured crow told the other crows that. Scientists have actually found that crows are not only making sounds by ‘ka ka’, they are talking to each other. They have their own language.

During the research, it was observed that no crow in a group has ever seen you, but if you have actually done something bad to one of the crows in the team, all the crows identify you. Because one crow has currently told all the various other crows about you.

It expands not just to teams yet likewise to generations. So if you repel a crow with a rock, even its offspring will certainly recognize you. Not just that, the crow will understand your plot against the crow also without seeing you by the audio.

Crows started their settlement in Chatham, Ontario district of Canada and also made their migration path to that state. Numerous crows began to flock to places famous for farming. It impacted the farming itself. As a result, the mayor there announced that all crows would be eliminated. Back then it was estimated that there went to least 600,000 crows in Chatham. The strategy was to kill at least 300,000 crows out of 600,000.

However the Crow community found out about this story. On the same day that crow murder was announced, the seekers mosted likely to eliminate crows however might kill only one crow. That year the state might not eliminate more than that one crow.

The information of a crow’s death spread so swiftly through the crow community that all the crows left or flew over the hunter’s target. Out of 600,000 crows, only one passed away. In time, all the crows moved from the place where that one crow passed away. Years afterwards one raven died, no ravens, also throughout migration, returned to where the first raven had been killed.

Devices and also trouble fixing.
Researchers researching ravens observed exactly how ravens resolve issues by first linking an item of meat to a string. Nevertheless, there is a story concerning the crow, after not having the ability to consume fifty percent of the water in the gagro, he grabbed a rock and also loaded it in the gagro, bringing the water approximately the leading and also eating it. Yet this tale has not been medically verified as well as is not considered authorities. In the latest phase, the study carried out on a types of crow has disclosed a reality similar to the story.

In this research, crows were kept in an area with small stones. In the same space, a tube including water was placed in a tube to make sure that the crow can not discover it. Throughout this research study, two crows tried to determine the trick two times, as well as the other two crows was successful on the initial shot. Most notably, the crows not only uncovered their mistakes and also inadequate initiatives, they also put in larger-sized wheels to obtain even more water out of the tubes and also to locate the holes.

Many individuals do not have much preference in preparation because after preparing they need to act. Not just people, yet usually pets make strategies, but in all of these, the crow is at the center. The crow is an opportunistic bird, thus it is known as a burglar. When a crow is consuming something, it always conceals it from an additional crow. If it finds out that somebody else has seen it or seen it, it imitates it has absolutely nothing. He also acts to hide the food in the direction of his legs, however actually he hides the food under his breast. When a crow flies away with food, one more viewing crow follows it. He recognizes that sometimes he can eat bulldang when he is young. This creates a scenario of counter as well as encounter.

Capability to discover.
Crows very closely observe people’s habits as well as frequently utilize it to their advantage. Some have actually studied the elevation at which crows drop their droppings on walkways. Yet in some cases, they ignore the legislations of gravity and also spread themselves on top of buses, cars and trucks and make us lug them.

These crows also bear in mind the traffic control when they are seen when traveling. At that time, speed was whatever.

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