March 23, 2023

Rolpa: CPN Maoist Center Deputy Secretary General Varshman Pun ‘Anant’ has said that KP Oli is still active in the campaign to destroy the constitution, democracy and order. Pun accused Oli of carrying an unholy alliance of royalists and separatists and asking for votes in the election. Pun said that the comments they made about Oli in the past were clear from the faces and characters of the parties and individuals in his electoral alliance.

Today, those who have regressive thinking, those who attack the constitution many times are in the name of electoral alliance. An unholy alliance has been formed against the Democratic Left Alliance’, while addressing the election program of the Democratic Left Alliance in Sulai Chaudhar of Home District Rolpa, Pun said, ‘those who tear up the constitution many times, those who try to regress, those who challenge democracy, yesterday’s monarchists, those who want to make Madhes a separate state, various kinds of separatists and A regressive front of communal thinking forces and individuals has been raised against the people. We are going to defeat it on November 4.

Pun said that after KP Oli dissolved the House of Representatives twice by insulting the public opinion given by the people in the 074 election for stability and development, he formed an alliance to counter it. After Oli tried to become an elected dictator by taking control of all the mechanisms of the state and attacking the constitution and system, Pune discussed that the alliance was formed to stop him.

There has been a regression in the country. Parliament was dissolved twice. Lokantra was attacked. The work of tearing the constitution was done. It was an attack on the aspirations of the people of Nepal. To save it, we formed the Democratic-Left Alliance. From the streets, from the courts, from various fronts, we defended the constitution and democracy by protesting. It is a coalition built from the streets. It is a political alliance. “It is an alliance made for political stability to protect democracy,” he said.

He said that the coalition in the local elections had achieved good results across the country and that it had weakened the regression to a large extent. He said that the alliance formed by them against retrogaming is a political alliance. He argued that after winning the election, some people have formed an alliance not to become Prime Minister, Minister and Chief Minister, but to save the system and maintain political stability in the country by creating a strong leader.

After the election, Pun promised that the current ruling coalition will work to fulfill the people’s desire for development by building a government with stability for five years in the Union and all the seven provinces. He also promised not to dissolve the parliament after winning the election. He said that KP Oli says that he will not look at the face of the corrupt, but he said that it is not from them to keep the corrupt in their arms. Oli accused him of terrorizing everyone by capturing the entire state apparatus in the name of democracy.

“In democracy, it was tried to create a situation where people are not able to speak, do business, have independent opinions and develop their character”, he said, “People who are not in the party should also be able to live a free life. He should be able to develop his skills by competing freely in the administration and security agencies. We will put an end to the situation where we cannot oppose the Prime Minister and the ruling party, we have to be members of the ruling party to do business, we have to take membership of the ruling party to get a job, to move, to serve the nation. This is democracy. It is a system that we all the people have fought for. We will not allow a handful of people to rule in the name of the people and the trend of elected dictatorship to raise its head.

He mentioned that bringing the backward masses into the mainstream of the state, the system in which no citizen is inferior in the eyes of the law is due to the republic. Pun appealed to the voters not to vote for those who are against the system where everyone can live with equal rights. Pun also discussed that the alliance has a common policy of establishing friendly relations on the basis of equality with the two neighbors India and China and Western friendly countries and development partners.

We will adopt a balanced and independent foreign policy by rising from the legacy of sometimes leaning towards the north, sometimes towards the south, sometimes towards the west. No one will stay in a military alliance. However, we will take support from all friends for development, business and opportunity. In this, there is equality between the parties in the alliance, he said. Pun claimed that with 10 days left for the election, there was a surge in favor of the alliance across the country, and the basis for the alliance to get a two-thirds majority was seen. Stating that the federal government and the seven provincial governments will be a coalition, he promised that the coalition will work for political stability, good governance and prosperity for at least five years.

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