March 24, 2023

Kathmandu. Presently, the shooting of ‘Nai Nabhannu L 6’ is taking place at Virtamod in Jhapa. However a vital scene of the film from the shooting set has been leaked on Tiktok.

After the target market who enjoyed the shooting uploaded the video on TikTok, the producer as well as the director are under tension. The problem of re-shooting the scene and also just how to keep the discretion of the story has actually developed.

Launching actor Ashirwad Baral as well as starlet Aanchal Sharma are seen in the video. Ashirwad and Anchal with guitars can be seen going across the road from the zebra crossing. Ashirwad is crossing the roadway with a white stick. It appears that he is presenting himself as a blind person. The video clip highlights 2 essential truths regarding the character of the movie.

Ashirwad’s character has an interest in songs. On the other hand, Anchal as well as Ashirwad belong. At the very least these 2 facts of the film have been validated by Tiktok video clip. But whether Ashirwad’s personality is actually blind or he did it to deceive the heroine refers opinion.

Samipyaraj Timalsina, the writer of the film, stated that there was a trouble with the exterior capturing as a result of Tik Tok. Earlier, films like Chhakkapanja 4, Chhadke 2 likewise needed to face issues in shooting because of ticket issues. Nai Nabhannu L6 is slated to release on first Baisakh.

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