March 23, 2023

Kathmandu. Miss Nepal Earth Sarisha Shrestha left for Manila, the capital of the Philippines on Friday to participate in the international competition. Sarisha will represent Nepal in other competitions including the finale of Miss Earth to be held in Manila on November 29.

Speaking to Online News at Tribhuvan International Airport before leaving, she said that she is going with the spirit of winning.At the airport, the president of Miss Nepal organizing organization The Hidden Treasure Diwakar Rajakarnikar, directors Pramod Kansakar and Suvarna Chhetri congratulated Sarisha.

Brief conversation with Sarisha:
How do you feel about representing your country in an international competition?
I am going to win. Because winning depends on external thinking. I am very optimistic and positive. I will give my best when I get there. It is also said in Bhagavad Gita – Do action, do not expect results. I do my work well.

So far, some subtitles have been done virtually. Which competition is taking place in Manila now?Three rounds have been done virtually for the selection of the semi-finals. Nepal has given a very good performance. We have done well in intelligent, beauty of face and fitness and fauna. The recently released Echo video is also on YouTube. Please support Nepal by liking, sharing and commenting a lot. This will help in entering the semi-finals.

Competitions like talent round, swimwear, long gown etc. are now taking place. In the three preliminary competitions that have been held, after we reach the Philippines, it is said that the winner will be announced after evaluating how they behave with the Filipinos and the media there.

What kind of environmental issues will Nepal present this time?
This time the theme of my project is Green Mind. We have done a project on how to do sustainable waste management. It has two parts. In the first part, we did a tree plantation project at school. In the school garden, we were taught how to make compost from rotting waste and how it can be used in the garden.

We learned how to bury the non-biodegradable waste in the same garden and manage it. In the second part, we have tried to show the suffering of the residents near the Sisdol dumping site. The residents living there are mostly workers. I also ran a health camp there. We have included the health conditions there.

What do you want to say to Nepali well-wishers?
I have worked hard day and night. On my part, I will do the work, but the result also depends on luck. For this, the love, support and encouragement of the people here is also necessary. Because I will not go there as Doctor Sarisha, I will introduce myself there as Nepal. So I am optimistic about the love here.

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